İTÜ Micro-Credentials

About Extra-Curricular Activity Registration

Istanbul Technical University has developed the Extra-Curricular Activity Registration (ECAR) to recognize the value of student participation and a all-inclusive university experience. ECAR is the officially approved record of student participation in university-affiliated activities that provide opportunities for mindful learning and development. Credits earned through these activities are referred to as micro-credentials.

Extra-curricular activities can be categorized into two subcategories based on the student's interest in their academic program:

Complementary extra-curricular activities: These activities are outside the normal curriculum but are typically complementary to it. They are related to academic activities and are organized or designed to help students better understand their professional study areas. These activities are conducted in collaboration with the university.

Non-academic extra-curricular activities: These are defined as activities not related to the curriculum, and they are school-based activities. They include non-curricular activities related to other aspects of life outside of the department's curriculum.